How Can I Make My Girlfriend Orgasm?

For men the most important thing to realise about female orgasms is that with women, its not purely a mechanical thing - as it generally is with men.

Most males can ejaculate quite quickly just through having their genitals stimulated. This applies even if the circumstances arent romantic - not so with women! Female orgasms are not just a push-button response. The conditions have to be right.

THE RIGHT CONDITIONS: Although females vary, many women need the following if theyre going to reach a climax:

- a romantic and/or sexy atmosphere

- she must feel safe and comfortable to be able to explore her sexuality fully

- a partner who she really likes and feels wanted and appreciated by.

- a good flow of natural lubrication, so that the delicate female parts dont get sore

- a skilled partner who knows how to stimulate the clitoris. Contrary to what many men think - sexual intercourse by itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is because intercourse alone is not very good at stimulating the womans clitoris. Nearly all females need additional stimulation of the clitoris by fingers or mouth. Unless you can provide the above, you are not going to have great success in giving your partner orgasms.

Heres what to do if you want to bring your partner to orgasm regularly:


- talk to your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her.

- sometimes encourage her to run your sex sessions. You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself or by really listening to her when she suggests a sex position, or a particular caress.


- dont be in a rush or too demanding. Create a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

- Turn her on: talk to her, tell her shes sexy.

- give her lots of kisses and cuddles before you even think about making any approach to her sexual area.

- when you do start, do not ignore all the other erogenous zones: lips, thighs and breasts can be stroked or licked; even earlobes can be nibbled.

- when you begin to stroke, rub or kiss her genitals, dont rush into attacking her clitoris. Take things gently.

- use her own natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris. (Additional lubrication can be used, bought from a chemist or a sex shop, or just use your own saliva if she doesnt mind that).

ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE: If womens masturbation habits are any indication, vaginal stimulation is less likely to result in orgasm than are activities that directly stimulate their clitoris. 90% of women who masturbate do so by stimulating their clitoris. Only 10% of women stimulate their vagina while masturbating, and even they usually stimulate their clitoris at the same time. When a woman masturbates, she is almost guaranteed an orgasm. Is it reasonable to believe women masturbate in any way other than what works best?

But something she may not be aware of, unless she has been using a vibrator, is her own G-Spot. This area is located behind the vaginal wall, about 1/3 of the way up from the opening of the vagina. It can be difficult to locate, but gently exploring whilst watching for and responding to her reactions should help you find it. Stimulate that spot and you may give your girlfriend the best orgasm she ever had!

NOTE: If a woman experiences one orgasm, she can usually have many more in one session, as long as adequate stimulation continues. Some women will have one orgasm right after another, for as long as the stimulation is continued.

- Once you have achieved the Big O, you will both feel more comfortable. You can then experiment together and make it better and better each time.

A 2000 study showed that only 45% of women have never faked an orgasm, and 34% said they fake up to 25% of the time.

Women who fake orgasm become so frustrated at their partners lack of skill, that they soon find themselves avoiding sex altogether.

Do you want to know how to avoid a lack of sex by giving your girlfriend the best orgasms ever?

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