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Christine is a retired porn star...she has for 9 years mastered the art of giving a woman and a man sensational "over the top orgasms" without fail or guess work!

In fact, Christine is bi sexual but these days she sticks only to women.


Because according to Christine …

"Most Men Suck In Bed"

And they haven’t got a clue on how to really satisfy a woman…And she is not alone in this regard-in fact a recent survey done by Cosmopolitan women’s magazine found that 85% of all women said they

"Faked Their Orgasms"

And yes this includes: your wife, girlfriend or any future woman you are looking to have as a lover...Fact is…

Most Women Are Simply Not Being Satisfied In Bed…

In fact, the survey also found that most women got their satisfaction by cheating with another man (20%), masturbation (65%) and only 15% actually got satisfied during actual sex!- And even so they rated their sex sessions as just ’ok" -and nothing spectacular to write home about!

These figures are alarming to say the least, but they are true!

And that is why I write:

You see, as a man you should be able to not just please your woman but also rock her world in bed and you should also be able to do that whenever and however you choose! (with no excuses whatsoever)

As a man, you want to know that you are the very best lover she has ever had, that you are her alpha male, that you can satisfy her to the point of knowing that she will brag about you to her hot friends. You want to be a Romeo, a Don Juan and a Casanova in your bed and finally you want the ability to be able to perform under pressure-no matter how hot she is and no matter how long the love making session is!

Listen, from one man to another, nothing beats the look on your lovers face, when you are able to make her orgasm non stop for 1-2 hours straight and not for one moment lose your rock hard erection …nothing beats the way she grasps and screams as you take her to higher and higher levels of ecstasy time after time whenever you want…

And the great part about all of this is that once you have these tools under your belt, you will able to make love with such passion and intensity , you will develop the self confidence that will remain with you forever…wherever you go…attracting hordes of women to your side automatically and effortlessly…(you will become a chick magnet because women love a strong self confident man)

And lucky for you and me, Christine has put down her "insider" love making secrets into a jam packed hot new manual called "Orgasm Secrets" which shows you...

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You see, this hot new manual contains sex secrets that actually work in the "real world." Secrets that you can use in a moments notice to give any woman a series of mind blowing orgasms she will never forget! (now when i say a moments notice i mean it!)

Listen, if you know anything about porn stars you will know that they are paid to perform, under intense pressure (with lights, lots of people) and with very hot gorgeous women!

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News of this "underground sex " book has taken the men’s sex scene by storm because it reveals "little know" sex techniques that you can actually use today to be the absolute best lover she has ever had and will ever have! And allow you to have hot white sex whenever you want it!

Listen, The Main Reason Why Guys Don’t Satisfy Women In Bed Is Because They Don’t Know What They Are Doing!

And just like everything worthy in life there are certain tricks you need to know that will give you the "unfair" ability to please any women in bed!

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To help you understand how powerful this hot new "sex manual" is , here are some of the secrets revealed in it:

  • How to guarantee your lover an over the top ORGASM every time that you make love.


  • Discover why you don’t need a large penis to stratify your woman (find out what "tool" you really need to give her a sensational orgasm (tip: you already have it) pg 2

  • The one hidden spot on her body which when stroked will fill her with shivers of delight and make her orgasm 100 times faster (so simple to use, you will be able to give her orgasm in seconds) pg 3
  • A spot located outside her vagina that will get her hotter for sex than actual intercourse itself (simple tips to use it to blow her mind and give her wild hot sex she will never forget) pg 3

  • A Part of the female body that has the most nerve endings that any other part on her body-(one touch to this erogenous spot and you will make her orgasm for 5 minutes straight, you will find it on pg 3)

  • A certain thing you need to do before you can turn on her G-spot. do it and "bam" …you’ll rock her world –and she will know you are a sex god.

  • How to locate her G spot whenever and wherever you want without guesswork ...99.9% of all guys don’t know how to do it-discover a simple trick that makes her G spot come out like a quarter –press it and boom she will explode with raw ecstasy) pg 5

  • Discover the sex act all women die for…it’s so hot and intense it’s guaranteed to give her an orgasm in just a few minutes (it is so hot it was banned by the church and it is illegal in some states and countries)

  • Discover a Chinese sexual secret that allows you to pin point her "love buttons" and make her beg for more…(best part it requires no skill or learning curve...just know the points and press and watch her burst with raw sexual energy) pg 18

  • Discover the 10 super hot points on her body that when stimulated will have her beg you for hot steamy sex-it’s so easy all you have to do is just press and watch her melt and have multiple orgasms right before your eyes pg 19

  • 2 points on her lower back that will drive her wild and insane for you- stimulate it and she will be pulling your hair with maddening intensity wanting more and more stimulation- 99.9% of men and even women don’t even know these points exist yet it will have her rank you as the best lover she has ever had pg 20

  • How to easily and quickly stimulate her entire clitoral system-with the palm of your hands (simple "glazing techniques will make her hot to have you now") pg 20

  • The one ingredient that Casanova used to be a master lover. And exactly how much of his secret sexual boosting ingredient you need to use (and when to use it) to be a sensational lover that never tires in bed pg 23

  • Discover a simple "secret" food that you can obtain from any super market that will immediately skyrocket your testosterone levels (so high , you will get that "butterfly" feeling in your stomach whenever you are close to a sexy women….making you feel like a loved crazed teenager)

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  • The fertility vitamin that boosts penis stamina, increases fertility and allows you to have hot sex all night long without interruption pg 24- 25

  • The one kind of restaurant you need to take her to if you want a guaranteed way to put her body on sexual standby-(it is not Italian food and you will be amazed how powerful this type of food is for having great hot sex) pg 25

  • What to eat if you want to fill your body with sexual youthful and powerful testosterone! Eat this food and you are guaranteed to never fail in bed (You will be like the energizer bunny with unstoppable love making duration and staying power)

  • The one food dabbed the "nourishment of the gods" that will put her sexual desire into hyper overdrive (and have her stay hot and wild for you for hours on end) pg 26

  • The absolute best time to have sex with her…this makes the difference between great sex and SPECTACULR and unbeatable "write home about sex" pg 26

  • How to tell if she is turned on, even before you kiss her-This trick will make her weak to her knees and no woman will ever be out of your league anymore ever again!

  • How to make sure she’s shooting a potent cocktail of sex chemicals that make her scream "harder....harder!" guaranteed to make her have more and more orgasms all night long without guesswork or failure)pg 27

Ok let's take a short break, and let’s talk about one of the reason why you need this "insider sex manual"…listen for most couples sex is boring!  Very boring!

Don’t believe me, then take an honest look at yourself- does your woman come begging for sex? Does she go to sleep soon after you have made love? Does she masturbate after you have had sex or in private?  Do You initiate your love making sessions or does she?

If you said yes, chances are you are not satisfying her!

Listen, there is only so much masturbation a woman can take, sooner or later, she will go else where to get her needs satisfied! And if she doesn’t your sex sessions will get less and less and eventually she will not want it from you (she would rather watch TV) and this will eventually leads to fights and an eventual break up with you (as she finds someone else). Sex is a primal need -it has to be satisfied or al hell breaks loose!

That is why, if you are in any relationship of any sort (and especially if you are married), you absolutely need to get this manual to revamp your sex life

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Just to make sure you understand how true my claim is, here are a few more hot scorching sex techniques you will discover in this hot new sex manual:

  • How to make her beg for your tongue, touch and manhood without even touching her (and the exact 5 signs to watch for that will ensure she orgasm every time even before you have sex with her). pg 28

  • How to charge up her sexual energy super fast-even if she insists that she is not in the mood (This tip alone will save your sex life ) pg 29

  • Discover the one secret that will absolutely drive her nuts for you, even before you have sex with her pg 30

  • The one sign she will give you that tells you she’s had enough foreplay and wants hot sex now- and exactly what to do about it! pg 40

  • Discover the amazing secret that will allow you to put any women in the mood in just seconds (this works so well), women desperately want their men to use it on them-but most men don’t know about them-discover it on page 41!

  • The one thing most guys ignore before sex that makes it impossible for her to climax into to the brink of a hissy fit that can only lead to wild hot sex for you!

  • a simple sex act you can perform at home which allows you to give her an orgasm 99.9% of the time (allowing you to be a sex machine in bed).

  • A "Little pinch" method recently discovered by a porn star that ensures 100% that your woman will have a mind boggling orgasm (it is easy-simply pinch that spot and watch her turn to mush and scream with pleasure)

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  • The absolute one rule you must apply before your woman can have multiple orgasm one after the other (no other man knows how to do this, putting you ahead of other men as a powerful and memorable lover)

  • 6 foods you must absolutely feed her that will turn her sexual desire into white hot gear and allow you to give her multiple orgasms every time!

  • A special way to look at a women that will guarantee she’ll give you hot steamy sex (this tricks is so simple all you need to do is look at her a "certain way" and boom she’ll be hot for raw and wild animalistic sex)

  • The six pleasure points on her vagina that even she does not know about-which when pressed are the most certain way for you to bring your woman’s "foreplay clock" in sync with yours for a series of hair pulling screaming hot love sessions.

  • A simple secret sex technique you can use to make sex last all night long and still give you and her the most intense orgasm of her life without fail

  • How to tell if a woman is really turned on or if she is faking it (most guys miss this all the time –discover it on page 11-12)

  • How to find her orgasmic grove and simple steps to stick to It once you have found it- she will be grabbing your head and shouting for more and more sex!

  • How to find the right rhythm to make her come over and over-once you get this groove , she will orgasm several times in a row-simple steps show you how to do this on pg 41


  • The "pig trick" that no other book tells you about that will ensure you will always give her multiple orgasms….(no one uses this and that is why they can’t get a woman to experience multiple orgasms) pg 42

  • A step-by-step "finger tip" guide that tells you exactly what to do to make her have an Explosive Orgasm…you’ll be able to know what she wants without her saying a word to you. Discover this "get in her head" techniques that is guaranteed to make you a great lover pg 43

Are you beginning to see some great things about having great sex you have been missing! Don’t worry, you are not alone, before I learn’t these secrets I considered myself a good lover!

And I thought I knew it all! But boy was I wrong! 99.9% of the information you will find in this hot new sex manual cannot be found anywhere else….sure here are many books on sex out there but as you know most are just based on theory and are just not very practical to follow !

So What Makes This Different?

Well for one like I said earlier these are techniques given to me by Christine who complied the information from her professional experiences and from her fellow porn stars! The information in here has been field tested and proven to work time after time after time!

And it is the only sex manual that is guaranteed to allow you to rock her world in just 5 minutes of reading it.

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Using the information in this sex manual is super easy and fast-all you need to do is get this hot new sex manual and scroll down to page 106 and use the "sex cheat sheet" and …

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Imagine reading the entire manual? How good a lover will you become? The answer is a Spectacular and sensational Lover …the stuff Casanova is famous for! You will have the advantage over every guy in your parts, because they don’t know these tricks-unless you share it with them! (I would not if I were you).

Here are even more secrets you will discover in this breakthrough sex manual:

  • The "licking the flower" technique that will make any woman orgasm –even if she has never orgasm before. it breaks down her sexual inhibition and melts her down for wild hot sex sessions with you pg 46

  • Discover what you need to do before you even try to find her G-spot, most women will not come "unless" you use this "foreplay" technique that will send her dizzying heights of enjoyment and make her ready for wild hot sex with you everytime pg 49

  • The absolute best "little known" sex position…that gives you a 99.9% chance of hitting her G spot head on. (so she will orgasm for 5 minutes straight-you will be the only one who know this simple climaxing trick)pg 50

  • Discover a spot inside her that will give her an orgasm that is twice as intense as a G spot orgasm. …not even the " sex experts" know about this one-yet it will make sure you will be the lover of her dreams )

  • How to develop a "clit radar" that ensures you always give her an orgasm….not one man in a thousand knows this simple "sex trick" yet it guarantees you will always have wild hot sex on demand!

  • The one part of the female body all woman wish you knew about and exact ways to stimulate it for wild hot sex, find all about it on pg 51

  • 6 G spot stimulating methods that will take your woman to sex heaven and back 50 times straight…you wont find these G spot techniques anywhere on planet just here) pg 53

  • A little know G spot technique that not even the experts know of- taught to me by a porn star, he tells me it has a 99% chance of making a woman come without fail (he swears that his job relies on this little trick) pg 53

  • An unknown sex position that not even "the experts" know about that allows her to orgasm and make her lose control- for wild passionate sex all night long

  • A hot spot discovered by scientist that is way more powerful than the G spot and ensures a mind boggling orgasm (This stuff makes the G spot orgasm look tame, yet 96.9% of all men and even women don’t even know of it’s existence) pg 58

  • Discover the absolute Best Intercourse Method to Use After her first Orgasm –this simple and exciting sex position ensures she will cum a second and third time whiles giving you unbelievable pleasure in return! Pg 59

  • Why a sex video is the absolute worst way to learn about oral sex and what to do to get an edge when it comes to giving head!

  • Discover a "4 point" method that is guaranteed to touch every sensitive spot she has for multi orgasmic pleasure) pg 63

  • The one technique that is the most important element in helping a woman reach an explosive orgasm pg 64

  • The "copy cat" method that allows you to know exactly what "hot buttons" to press on her vagina that will allow you to make her orgasm multiple times in a row-(it is easy and effortless and yet it works all the time to take away her breath with pleasure) pg 83

  • The absolute best position for mind blowing oral sex-most books give you several to choose from, but the truth is that there is just one that absolutely ensures you will give her a multiple orgasm …discover which one pg 82

  • You can give your women indescribable pleasure night after night!

  • How to get inhuman stamina when pleasuring your woman. She will think you are a marathon lover ...And all you need to do to get this stamina are these simple easy tricks) pg 87

  • How to turn a lifeless half lipped kiss into sizzling kiss that will melts her and makes you irresistible to her.

  • Discover a 5000 year old type of kiss that will melt your women and make her want to have wild hot sex with you RIGHT now pg 88

  • Discover 5 kissing exercises that will make you the best kisser she has ever know or remembers pg 94

  • The one simple "set of secrets" you can learn from her masturbation that will instantly send your sex life into dizzying levels (you will enjoy sex, have it more often, longer and never get bored of your sex life)

  • The "AFE" spot on her body –so hidden by nature that no man (until now) or even women knows about it…this spot offers you an even more intense boggling pleasure than a G spot orgasm.

  • How to give a memorable, long lasting arousal kiss that she’ll never forget …you will learn super easy "ancient" kissing techniques that will get her super turned on and all it takes is just one kiss pg 95

  • How to makes your erection last longer and allow you to make love for hours on end whiles giving you and your partner explosive orgasms.

  • How to tell if she is really turned on and ready for hot sex (The clues most guys use are incorrect and preventing you from having passionate sex)

  • The "spoon" exercise that every woman dreams about , use this simple exercise and no man will ever come close to impressing her in bed the way you do) pg 97

  • A simple "love map" cheat sheet you can use in just a few short minutes to make you a demon in the sack! Tip: read it before you go on a date (it will take you only 2 minutes TO MASTER and give you a life time of joy) or make love and you will make her eyes roll behind her head with pleasure)

And there is more. A whole lot more. I could go on for another 20 pages …but if I haven’t convinced you yet that this hot new sex manual is a must reading by now, I never will!


There is another reason why you need to check out this hot new sex manual and it is your ability or inability to perform under pressure (when making love!)

Listen, if you are like most guys you can’t perform under pressure! You are scared that you will ejaculate too soon and not have the endurance to give her multiple orgasms! That is why I made sure to get "insider sex" secrets that will give you the inside and unfair advantage over any other man and that will allow you to achieve stronger rock hard erections on demand!

In this hot new sex manual you will also discover secrets like:

  • A simple muscle relaxing method you can use to instantly prolong your love making sessions and achieve multiple orgasm (multiple orgasm are no longer only for her , now you can get in on the fun-whenever you want).

  • Sure easy ways and fool proof tricks to give you a rack hard erection that will last long enough to please any woman for hours on end and still experience multi orgasm Pg 107

  • The one exercise porn stars use to become marathon lovers- and a simple exercise that you can perform at home that will give you porn star love making stamina…with this trick you can take on 2, 4 and even 5 women at the same time and still be able to please them all and yourself included!

  • How to get multiple orgasm without any recovery time (most men need to rest once they ejaculate before they can go on) but not you after you use these simple and easy stamina generating tricks.

  • How to get an erection on demand no matter how many times you have come before…the secret of porn stars finally revealed (you will enjoy sex like an 18 year old testosterone charged teenager making love for the first time)

  • Plus you will get a day by day plan to give you amazing staying power and endurance in bed (allow you to make love like a finely tuned sex machine) pg 108

Make no mistake about it! after discovering these tricks, she will have to keep up with you in bed! You would have transformed "okay sex" to hot thrilling and sensational sex that is full of over the top ORGASMS- and do it literally OVERNIGHT!

In Short, You Will Have The Ability To Make Love For Hours On End Like A Finely Tuned Sex Machine!

What does it feel like to be a marathon lover? It is the satisfaction at looking at your lovers face as she lies down from pleasurable exhaustion….blown away by your love making ability…as she tries to recover from 6 orgasms you just gave her one after the other!

It is the satisfaction you get from hearing her scream out loud "f**k me harder" as she orgasm deeper and deeper…it is the feeling of ecstasy you get when she scratches your back in the middle of a wild hot sex session as she orgasms out of control and becomes a wild animal…And the absolute best part is that …

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What I am giving you is an unfair advantage in the bed room! I am giving you the ability to impress any woman in any bedroom!


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The answer to all of these is "Priceless", money can’t buy those things!

Listen, many guys will pay $60 a month to buy penis enlargement pills! But in the end (if they do work at all) they still suck in bed?

What is the use of having a big penis when you don’t know how to use it? Fact is, your penis alone is not sufficient enough to give her an Orgams! In fact, science tells us that back end of her vagina has the least amount of nerves in her entire vagina- this means size alone does nothing to stimulate her into an amazing orgasm! That is why you need these skills to skyrocket the frequency and intensity of your love life!

With this manual, you will have the ability to be a finely tuned sex machine that will…

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Premature ejaculation tricks

Listen, lots of guys suffer from performance anxiety! How many times have you been with a hot lady and she was so hot, you could not hold back anymore! Sex was done in a few minutes if not seconds and you have no way of getting back your erection to satisfy her (this is embarrassing to say the least) because one second you have that hot lady in your bed thinking you are great in bed and the next minute you are limp and there goes the "sex god" impression she had of you… with this hot new bonus report, you need not go through this anxiety …in fact, it will teach you simple tricks that will allow you to have as many love making sessions as you want….giving the woman in your life, longer, more intense and pleasurable confidence in bed!

But there is more this report will show how to easy and instantly prevent erectile dysfunction from disrupting your sex life!

This report will also show you how to boost your staying power, get your erect and hard and allow you to boost your sex life instantly! You will be one of the few to boost your

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 Bonus 2 How To Know If She Is Interested

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I am going to throw in a short super powerful guide that shows you the signs to look for when a women is interested, I mean let's face it, if she is not interested you will not have sex and if you don’t have sex you will not have the opportunity to use these super lover tricks! With this guide you will know if a woman likes you and exactly what to do about it! If you order now I will throw it in for Free!


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